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Mental Well-being

Being a strong and healthy woman starts with how you feel about yourself. Education about the importance of mental health and guidance on managing ailments like depression and anxiety can facilitate a woman’s mental and emotional well-being.

Stress management

Understanding the stress factors and trying to practically tackle them is an art and can help keep most health related issues at bay. Avoiding to control everything, learning to say no, scheduling the day, spending quality time with friends and family, increasing physical activity, making time for oneself may help manage stress better.


Sleep Disorders

A good night’s sleep wakes up to a great day. Relaxation techniques, avoiding smoking & alcohol intake, maintaining regular meal timings with a well-balanced meal, regular physical activity might help.





Even in small amounts, alcohol affects women differently than men. Sensitizing teens about ill health effects of alcohol may keep them away from giving into the peer pressure. Avoiding alcohol can also help improve the reproductive health of women and prevent bad pregnancy outcomes.



Every puff on a cigarette is a tick closer to the time bomb. Smoking has been found to be associated with many conditions - decrease in bone mineral density, heart disease, hypertension, early menopause, gastritis, increased chances of infertility; cancers of lung, oral cavity, urinary bladder, kidney, stomach, cervix to name a few. Smoking cessation is the need of the hour for today’s society to decrease disease burden.


Impact of Social media on health

The constant struggle of teenagers and young adults to keep themselves updated with their acquaintances has created a major impact on their health in the recent times. Education and awareness about larger issues like cyberbullying, right to privacy and how to protect their privacy is useful to young girls as well as women.


Substance abuse

Highly stressful environments with easy access to recreational drugs with a social culture revolving around these substances can result in substance abuse. Picking up a hobby, avoiding company of friends with these habits, relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga, may help a person to manage their life well and lower chances of addiction.