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Pre-natal Care

A healthy pregnancy starts with good preconception care. Evidence-based screening, prenatal vitamins, avoiding exposure to toxic substances, smoking and alcohol consumption are proven to help promote a healthy pregnancy.


General Health

Pregnancy is the time when a mother is born along with the baby. Regular antenatal visits, taking good care of the diet for healthy weight gain, regular physical activity, recommended lab tests and ultrasound tests that help in detection of any underlying medical conditions are recommended.

Post-natal Care

Post delivery care centers around both the mother and the child and includes wound care post normal delivery or C-section and lactation advice. Counselling about spacing of pregnancies and various contraceptive methods is important.


Lactation Support

Breastfeeding helps improve the emotional bond between the baby and the mother, acts as a contraception in immediate post-delivery period and facilitates weight loss in mother. It builds immunity for the baby, facilitates cognitive and emotional intelligence.