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Adolescent Health & Menstruation

Adolescence is not only a part of life but also a path to a healthy & glorious womanhood. Comprehensive sexual education, education about personal hygiene, emotional support, youth friendly health services would help shape a better future for today's youth.

Fertility Issues

Infertility can be heartbreaking, frustrating, devastating and can leave the couple feeling lonely and empty. Identifying the contributing factor, guidance and compassionate advice can help the couple suffering with infertility.

Hormonal Changes

Irregular periods, acne, unwanted hair, depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances can all indicate an underlying hormonal imbalance. Establishing the diagnosis of the hormonal imbalance can help correct it with appropriate treatment.


Menopause can bring about big changes in a woman's life due to the fluctuations in hormone levels and the various symptoms associated with it. Healthy diet modifications, regular exercise, understanding the symptoms and guidance from experts can help a woman cope better with it.

Women & Medical Conditions



Women with Diabetes are known to be at a higher risk of developing heart disease, brain stroke, kidney failure, blindness, depression and skin infections. Screening for diabetes and prompt treatment can prevent future complications.



Strong family history of high blood pressure, obesity, lack of physical activity, diabetes, birth control pills, smoking and old age can all increase the chances of a woman developing high blood pressure. Detection of high BP with regular BP checks and appropriate advice can control the condition.


Heart disease 

Heart disease can present differently in men and women. Healthy diet modifications, preventing diabetes and hypertension, regular exercise can help reduce the risk. Understanding symptoms of heart attack will facilitate a woman to get timely emergency care.